Creating our products we cared about the highest quality and reliability of the construction. From our long-standing experience in the production of bus stops we know, how vulnerable to weather conditions they are, so we do everything to make them as durable as possible.


We know, that our innovative product must serve several functions in the city space. Therefore, aside of being the road infrastructure element and providing additional green area, it also captures stormwater. This way it prevents local flooding, decrease overloads of stormwater sewage systems, and mitigates urban heat island.

Green Roofs
and walls

Our product makes the public space of the city more attractive and friendly, by introducing new green areas into the concrete jungle and retaining stormwater. This lowers temperatures in the city, mitigates Urban Heat Island, purifies the air and supports biodiversity. It makes the city to be better adapted to climate change.

Our projects

Białystok - Poland (2019) - 3 Green bus stops with green roof, green wall of ivy, additional plants and outflow system . Two bus stops were built in july. The third one were built in Septemper after the inhabitants vote about its location.

Radom - Poland (2018) – Green bus stop with outflow to the green area and Green bus stop with outflow to the system of watering tree (tree-trench)

We offer to
Our Customers

  • Manufacturing of green bus stops and other shelters (e.g. bicycle shelters)
  • Individual design of the green bus stops / shelters construction
  • Individual plants projects
  • Individual stormwater retention projects
  • Transportation of the product to the place of installation
  • Installation and after-sale service and warranty

Telephone contact:

Warsaw Office:
+48 784 612 567

Białystok Office:
+48 857 333 670

Zabrze Office:
+48 504 788 098
+48 32/271 66 78


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